Organisational Partners of Newington Green Alliance

Newington Green Alliance is led by individual members but we also want to involve every interested organisation within a half-mile of Newington Green. Whether your organisation is a restaurant, a shop, a charity, a centre, or anything else, we hope you will work with Newington Green Alliance as an official Organisational Partner.

If you are a Partner of NGA, you will be a real contributor to the work of building community and your organisation’s support and special status will be highlighted in NGA communications.

Organisational Partners are asked to - where possible:
  • Help out with projects

  • Place a ‘We support the Newington Green Alliance’ decal in their window (12cm square).

  • For shops, host a collection box for NGA help with fundraising

  • Place a digital badge on their website similar to the window decal

If your organisation would like to become a Newington Green Alliance Organistional Partner, please use the form below and we’ll get you a decal. Send us a picture of your business with the decal in the window and we’ll add you and the photo to the website and NGA social media!


Will you sign up?