we are listening

A Listening Campaign is a deliberate exploration of community needs, concerns and priorities. The Newington Green Alliance is doing this through small group meetings facilitated by leaders. These are 45 minute to one hour conversations in which people share their own perspectives with each other, building greater understanding and awareness.

A Listening Campaign intends to identify the issues affecting members of the group and find and develop new leaders. Listening Campaigns often lead to the development of initiatives/campaigns/programmes that arise out of the common concerns.


If you have people to bring together for a listening group meeting and feel able to lead it yourself, see the guidance below. When you’re done, please send a summary of the issues raised to andy@newingtongreenalliance.org so they can feed into the process of identifying key issues.


Group meetings are being organised now. If you would like to join a listening group meeting or if you have a group but need assistance, please email andy@newingtongreenalliance.org.


  1. Identify the questions you want to ask. The general aim is to get people to talk about how they experience life in their community, to identify the issues that they care about and to suggest concerns that they would like the organization/local authority to address as part of its public agenda.
    Sample questions:

    • What do you like about living in the Newington Green area.

    • What would you like to be different?

  2. Identify small groups of 5-10 people who could be asked to meet for one hour in a organisation’s space or a public space (pub, café, community centre) or someone’s home.

  3. The convener of the meeting leads the discussion, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to talk, that the meeting starts and ends on time, and that the conversation stays on topic.

    • everyone introduces themselves very briefly

    • Answer each question in a go-round

    • The convener attempts to summarise what they’ve heard and asks the group if it is accurate

  4. A recorder should take notes.

  5. Results of the listening campaign should be collated and key conclusions produced. These will be taken to an Issues Assembly where issues will be prioritised and teams created to research the issues.Dinleme kampanyası toplumun ihtiyaçları, endişeleri ve önceliklerini anlamak üzere oluşturulmuş bir araştırmadır. The Newington Green Alliance bunu liderler tarafından oluşturulan küçük grup buluşmaları ile gerçekleştirir. Bu konuşmalar sırasında (45 dk ile 1 saat ) bireylerin kendi perspektiflerini birbirleriyle paylaşarak, birbirini anlama ve farkınlığın güçlendirilmesi sağlanır.

    Dinleme kampanyası grup üyelerinin sorunlarının açığa çıkarılması, yeni liderlerin belirlenmesini veya oluşturulmasını amaçlamaktadır. Bu kampanyalar genellikle grup üyelerinin ortak sorunları ve endişeleri doğrultusunda harekete geçmelerine, kampanya ve programlar oluşturmalarına yol açar.

Listening Campaign: Jan-Nisan 2019