What is Community Organising?

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Community organising provides a straightforward and powerful approach for empowering people to identify and address challenges in their environment. Community organising makes it possible for the powerless to become powerful enough to pressure authorities to make needed changes and/or to work together to create change directly, In a community organising approach, institutions such as schools, charities, and religious groups join together and commit to working together.

They then:

1. Connect individuals relationally through structured one-to-one conversations

2. Identify the challenges facing their members and others through ‘listening campaigns’ - a process of broad-based interviewing

3. Prioritise the most important issues through a democratic process including all of the member institutions.

4. Identify winnable goals within those issues. Wins - even on a small scale - build the confidence of the organisation and its members to take on more challenges.

5. Take action and make change.