What is Doing the Work Project?

Doing the Work is a programme developed to access contents and thinking about actions to tackle racism in our society.

It is primarily designed for White people or other privileged people that are willing to better understand structural racism and how it diminishes a significant part of individuals due their skin colour, history, and background. Additionally, it is a safe space to share and to think about way to start acting within our community or any other environment surround us. You will be in touch with trending concepts, theorical background for current societal issues, strategies and actions that are currently applied. Likewise, you have the chance to reflect, to take responsibility, and to connect with heart-minded people that are keen to contribute with social justice.

Doing the Work welcomes everyone, and it is primarily developed for white and other privileged people to learn, reflect together about, and to act against racism.


How does it work?

Doing the Work is designed as 8 online weekly sessions. Each session has 1h duration addressing concepts related to Racism and Anti-racism, providing reflections, raising awareness, and building a small action plan.

The sessions development

Doing the work - the sessions development


Are you looking for ways to explore tackling racism? Are you looking for a safe place to share with other open-hearted individuals?

Register now to ensure your participation! We will have a small group to provide a safe space and deep participation.

You may register through NGA website, give your name and email so we can to you’re the link for the online sessions.

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