What is WATT?

Have you ever found yourself feeling deeply misunderstood by people who are different from you, or have wondered why on earth people in another identity group think or act the way they do? In our increasingly polarised world, the WATT project is a unique opportunity to listen to, and understand the perspectives of other people in your community - and share your own. There is no debate, no right and wrong, no persuading or convincing - only sharing, listening, and developing understanding.


How it Works:

Each WATT session brings together 12 people - six from each of two groups - for sharing and listening. Each group will have the chance to respond to few questions posed by the facilitators that help shed light on their stories and experiences. The other group listens with open ears, minds and hearts, without responding. Then the two groups trade places. Afterwards, the two groups go into separate breakout sessions where they can reflect on what they have said and heard.


What sessions are there?

There are many sessions you can sign up for, which span the themes of:

  • Ethnicity, Race, and Nationality
  • Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
  • Religious Affiliation
  • Political Views and Socio-Economic Status
  • Miscellaneous

Examples include discussions between men and women, Jews and Muslims, African and Black Caribbean folks, and many more! 


How do I sign up?

To make it more accessible, there are no set dates for WATT sessions. Once we have enough people in a given topic, we will coordinate a date and time that works for everyone. To sign up for one or more sessions, click the button below!

Why is this important?

We believe that understanding the experiences and values of people of different identities and ideologies is a key step in building empathy and reducing prejudice across divisions, which in turn helps build trust and social cohension within a community.


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