Mutual coaching means coaching each other - being people who listen, ask good questions, and help each other stick to our plans.

Mutual coaching is a great way to help people meet their goals and to build strong connections.

Coaching has become a popular profession. It is a great way to help people clarify where they want to go in their lives and to get there. Professional coaches get quite a bit of training and practice before they are ready to go out and offer their services to paying clients. The basics of coaching however are simple enough for anyone to learn and use.

We teach the GROW coaching model in short training sessions and get people using it right away. Once you know basic coaching and some of the skills it involves (such as active listening), you are ready to help other people in your life, whether family members, friends, co-workers, neighbours. Those people, if they also learn basic coaching, are ready to help you!

A wonderful benefit of mutual coaching is that it creates an environment of both safety where understanding and compassion can grow. In mutual coaching, suspicions and prejudices can dissolve. Strangers can become friends, despite their differences.