Organisational Partners

Newington Green Alliance welcomes partnerships with any and all organisations in the Newington Green and surrounding areas. We are hugely grateful to these organisations which support community building by helping to spread the word and sustain the work and keep it focused on the benefit of the whole Newington Green community.

If you are interested in becoming a Partner of NGA, please visit our Become a Partner page on this website.

By becoming a partner, you will also be contributing to the work of building community and your organisation’s support and special status will be highlighted in NGA communications.


YIELDN16.jpg Newington Green’s Natural Wine Shop & Bar, serving the community since 2015. This cosy store front offerswine, craft beer, bread, cheese, charcuterie, and various pantry selections.

mcp-logo A multi-functional, community led setting based in the heart of the Islington Mildmay ward. The centre offers a warm and welcoming environment for our diverse local community.

flying_frenchman Combining French Charcuterie with flavours of the world, the inspiring Flying Frenchman stands for quality, sustainability, good practice and honesty so you can eat the good food you deserve. 

daymer Daymer provides services including: General Advice, Women’s Services, Education and Open Learning mainly to the members of the Turkish, Kurdish, Turkish Cypriot and Alawite Communities.

claudia Championing Inspired Black Womanhood through advice, support and personal development services to facilitate social change and progress amongst the African Caribbean heritage community.