Thank you for your interest in becoming a Youth Group Host!

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NGA is looking for volunteers to co-host the weekly Youth Group sessions. The role of the volunteers will be to deliver the programme content during the virtual sessions.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Encourage participation and facilitate online discussions during the sessions, working with guest contributors for the themed sessions;
  • Deliver (pre-planned) content on various subjects in an interactive and engaging way
  • When necessary, work with the other volunteers to create content
  • Facilitate ice-breaking activities
  • Outside of the sessions, to attend planning and team meetings 

Attitude/Skills/Knowledge required:

  • A commitment to the needs of young people and a desire to see them appropriately supported and resourced in order that they can grow and develop to their full potential 
  • Strong listening and conversational skills
  • Ability to stimulate and moderate group discussions
  • Trustworthiness, openness and reliability
  • Preferred but not essential: previous experience working as part of a Youth Group in a leadership capacity
  • Additional advantage: experience in HR/ recruitment or other employment-related spheres
  • Experience working with online conferencing platforms like Zoom

Additional requirements:

  • Ability to commit at least 2 hours weekly for at least 6 months. 
    • Session hours: 1 weekly
    • Additional hours to review content, perform necessary administrative tasks and for meetings with other volunteers as and when required
  • Commitment to NGA’s Basis and Values and its policies and procedures 
  • Two personal references
  • Be over 18 years old

This role is subject to reference and DBS checks. Due to changes of current Covid-19 restrictions, DBS document verification and inductions may be carried out electronically

As this is a new addition to our virtual offer, participation and engagement levels by our members are unknown.

Training and support available:

As an NGA volunteer you will receive the following:

  • A full induction into the NGA work and our values
  • Mandatory training in online Safeguarding, Data Protection policies (and other relevant policy modules as necessary) and our Code of Conduct
  • Supervision and support from the Volunteer coordinator and NGA’s team.
  • Access to NGA’s thriving network of volunteers and our community events
  • Reasonable expenses accepted

Location: Virtual

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